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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 7, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. the big event overnight, president obama makes his case for four more years. saying he rescued the economy from disaster. >> america, i never said this journey would be easy. and i won't promise that now. >> 60 days left now to go toe-to-toe with mitt romney, as all eyes are on the crucial american jobs numbers this morning. medical alert. new fears that up to 20,000 people may have been exposed to a deadly virus in one of the nation's most popular parks. a third, fatal victim now, as parts of yosemite are under lockdown this morning. breaking overnight, prince harry secretly arrives in the war zone just hours ago. on a new mission to fly apache helicopters on the frontlines. how he's gone from wild parties in vegas to fighting the taliban. ♪ and music's biggest night
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goes with one direction, the hottest boy band on the planet steals the show. chic rihanna kicking it off with a spicy performance before scoring the evening's top honor. the music's newest superstar has the crowd on its feet and dancing. and good morning, america. okay, guys. you got to fill me in. who is the new superstar? >> josh? >> a south korean singer named psy. he sings a song called "gangnam style." you actually had it in "pop news". we didn't make fun of you. you were ahead of the curve, lara, as always. it's gotten over 100 million hits on youtube. >> it's a big night for music and the election. >> oh, yeah. that, too. >> robin is back in new york to begin medical treatment.
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and great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> and it's great to be here. glad robin is back and getting better. and great to have you back, too. pulling an all nighter. we have lots of news, aside from the convention. storms are brewing in the atlantic and in the gulf, including that strengthening hurricane leslie. sam has been tracking all of this. and he'll check in in a minute. also ahead a verdict in the drew peterson trial, a jury found him guilty of first degree murder of his third wife. her family saying it was the justice they never thought they would get. take a look at this, by the way. a fourth grader about to catch a baseball. you've seen it before when the player goes to toss it in the crowd and some big oaf gets in the way. >> oh. >> that pouty face. we're going to turn that frown upside-down in just moments. >> and he even goes like this. ta da! >> and looks her in the face. like, "sorry!" >> you know, we do have a lot of
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news to get to. let's get, now, to the race for the white house. president obama accepted his party's nomination at the democratic national convention. presented america with a choice going forward. it's "your voice, your vote." abc's jake tapper is in charlotte this morning with all of the highlights. jake, the president said it was the clearest choice in a generation. he said, his path is harder, but better. >> reporter: george, despite the logistical problems that have plagued this convention and kept thousands of supporters from hearing the president speak last night, the president presented this as a choice, not a referendum, on four difficult years. >> the president of the united states of america, barack obama. >> reporter: president obama came to the charlotte arena with several key points he wanted to convey. including that things were different from the jubilance of four years ago. >> times have changed and so have i. i'm no longer just a candidate. i'm the president. >> reporter: he said there remained much work to do. but the country is on the right
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track. >> we're getting back to basics. and doing what america's always done best. we are making things again. >> reporter: he jeeringly, sneeringly, suggested mitt romney is not up to being commander in chief. >> you might not be ready for diplomacy in beijing if you can't visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally. >> reporter: and that romney's economic proposals would be a disaster for the middle-class. >> what did bill clinton call it? you do the arithmetic. >> reporter: the man known for his soaring oratory, saved the poetry for the end of his speech. >> america, i never said this journey would be easy, and i won't promise that now. yes, our path is harder, but it leads to a better place. yes, our road is longer. but we travel it together. we don't turn back. >> reporter: earlier in the night, the vice president vouched for his boss. >> this man has courage in his soul, compassion in his heart,
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and a spine of steel. >> reporter: and there was much chest-thumping about a certain military operation. >> ask osama bin laden if he is better off now than he was four years ago. >> reporter: and the night was full of tremendous emotion. the vice president choked up when his son, beau, called him his hero. and perhaps, most poignantly, former congresswoman gabby giffords led the crowd in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. >> reporter: and now, we are off. president obama, vice president biden and their wives now head to the battleground states of iowa and new hampshire. the first time this campaign season all four are campaigning together. the president will end his day in the battleground state of florida. campaign officials, george, say they do not expect much, if any, of a post-convention bounce. >> thanks very much. we will be watching that. for more, now, let's bring
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in abc news political analyst, matthew dowd. he's advised republicans and democrats. including successful re-election campaign of george w. bush. he's also in charlotte this morning. good morning, matthew. a different kind of convention speech from president obama last night. more sober. a little more humble. was it effective? >> george, i think the speech was much less morning in america and much less let's have a cup of coffee. it was much more modest. i think the tone was right. i don't think he convinced people to trust him that he had a vision to move forward. >> so take a step back. after two conventions. where are we? is tide going in and still tide coming out? >> i think it's still tied coming out. but i have the expectation they'll have a slight bounce. you get a sense that people love barack obama, but that republicans are in an arranged marriage with mitt romney. and i think that is a difference that came out. much more enthusiasm at this convention. a little less at the last.
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but i think we're in a margin of error race. >> one of the things that came out of the two conventions is you really get a sense of how deep the differences are between the two parties, how stark the choice is. >> very deep differences between the parties, philosophical. and interestingly enough, there's a huge demographic gulf. we have great gaps with younger voters with barack obama, older voters with mitt romney. splits on men and women. splits on race. so, it's a gulf, of dem graph is. a gulf of philosophies. >> we're getting a peak of the mitt romney campaign releasing 15 ads in 8 states. they have a huge financial advantage over president obama's campaign right now. they're going to hope that what worked in the primaries for them, these ads, are also going to do the trick in the general election. >> yeah. you know, george, you know, september is a month of mistakes. and i think what they're trying to do is force the president to make a few mistakes in september. release a bunch of ads. make him respond to it. and think that's what you can
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expect in september, how you can respond with different things. >> and the debates begin in october. matthew, thank you very much. we'll have a wrap-up on "this week." now let's go to elizabeth. >> george, thanks very much. and both candidates are watching carefully this morning for what could be news that's crucial to the presidential election. we're about to get a key reading on how many jobs have been created in the last month. it comes after a huge rally on wall street yesterday. and abc's bianna golodryga is here. bianna, what do we expect from the new jobs numbers this morning? >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. this was a disappointing number. let me show you why. the unemployment rate dipped to 8.1%. you would consider that good news but take a look, only 96,000 jobs were created. we were expecting 10,000. this number dipped only because 400,000 people gave up looking for work. the unemployment rate has been 8% for 3 1/2 years. this number is it sure to offset the huge rally we saw on wall
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street of 244 points. that's because we saw great news out of europe where their equivalent to federal reserve said they would buy out more bonds because of the weaker countries in the economies, as well as news out of the u.s. saying 200,000 jobs were created in the private sector. that's obviously not the right number. 103,000 jobs were created. we found they combined private and government sector. government sector continues to lose jobs. elizabeth, not a great number. >> thanks, we'll be watching. bianna. george. now, to the latest on three areas of tropical trouble. the remnants of isaac, still hovering over the gulf coast, where it did so much damage last week. two other storms developing now. sam keeping an eye on all of it from san diego. good morning, sam. >> good morning, george. we're at seaworld san diego. we're going to talk sea rescue later this morning. we're in the peak of the hurricane season. there's three circles of concern on the board. let's deal with michael, weakening. way out in the atlantic. shouldn't be an issue. leslie, however. that system -- this is what the
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hurricane center says about it. still cruises by bermuda. and close enough to cause a little issue. since we're still on a -- we're monday before we get to that area, saturday into sunday, into monday. we really have to watch this storm carefully for its impact on bermuda. and then we look at what is that low, the leftover, the remnants of isaac. invest number 90 l. you can call it whatever you want. as it drifts east, whether it develops or not, it's going to be heavy rain for the florida panhandle, that north florida, south georgia area, by the time we get in the weekend. so that's what's going on with the tropics. we have all of america's weather when we come back in a minute. george? >> thank you, sam. let's get to josh with the rest of the top stories. >> we're going to begin with the health crisis at yosemite national park. a third person has died after contracting the hantavirus at the park. and this morning officials now say as many as 22,000 visitors may have been exposed to the rodent-bourne virus over the summer, double the number they first thought. eight cases have been confirmed.
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investigators believe people stayed in two camping areas are at risk. not just one as previously thought. it can take six weeks for symptoms to appear, they include fatigue, fever, body aches and difficulty breathing. consult your doctor if you feel as such. another jolt for southern california this morning. a second earthquake to hit beverly hills this week. it was a mild one, 3.5. slightly more powerful than the one that rattled millions on monday. hundreds of quakes have hit this area in the last two weeks. we'll be keeping our eye on that, as well. for the first time since the catholic sex abuse scandal erupted, a u.s. bishop has been convicted of shielding a pedophile priest. bishop robert finn of kansas city, failed to report a priest after learning he had child pornography on his computer. he could have faced jail time, but the judge sentenced him only to probation. overseas, it appears that syria may have stockpiled more weapons than we thought. as the bloody civil war rages on there, intelligence sources tell "the washington post," that the
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syrian regime is storing several hundred tons of chemical weapons in as many as 20 different locations, raising new worries about whether the u.s. and allies can adequately secure them if the regime falls. and texas has become the first state to approve an 85-mile-per-hour speed limit. it will be that speed on a new toll road between the city of austin and san antonio. officials say it's safe given the topography of the highway there. critics say it will only encourage people to go 90 or 100 miles per hour, instead. they're probably right. and finally, proof that persistence does, indeed, pay off. we go to the brewers/marlins game last night. now, again, it's a familiar sight. the player tossing the ball into the stands. unfortunately, familiar. an adult getting in the way of a child. and then, thanking the player as if, yes, he obviously intended to throw that to me. pouty-faced mcgee, the fourth grade girl, she's barely hang on
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here. but you know what? after spending every half-inning dancing her little heart out, oh. that's mom who gives it to daughter. everybody wins. >> yay. >> everybody wins. >> that man was so proud of himself for beating out a fourth grader. >> i mean, my gosh. and even after. >> look around, people. if you're at a game and you got a kid next to you, it's for the kid. >> he looks at her and walks right by. josh, thank you so much. now, to the frightening bomb threat onboard a u.s. airways flight on thursday. it was a passenger in handcuffs that was removed from the plane after authorities got a tip he might have explosives on him. it all turned out to be a false alarm. sources tell us his ex-girlfriend might have been behind it all. abc's pierre thomas joins us from reagan national airport in washington with the latest on this bizarre story. pierre? >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. s.w.a.t. teams were all over that plane in a tense situation. but it was a hoax, apparently caused by a relationship gone
7:14 am
bad. this morning, the fbi's investigating whether this scene was all just a vicious prank, possibly by a woman scorned. it all began at 7:30 a.m. thursday, at philadelphia international airport. an ominous tip came in to police. there was a male passenger at the airport with explosives. authorities quickly discovered the passenger, identified as christopher shell, was on u.s. air flight 1267, which had already taken off for dallas. fearing the man had snuck a bomb onboard, the plane was ordered back to philadelphia. shell had no clue. he wrote on his facebook page. we spent a half hour in the air to be notified that the plane had technical difficulties and had to turn back. upon return, the plane was met by an army of fbi and philadelphia tactical teams. >> five guys came on the plane loaded and guns drawn. you see the guy's rifle coming up alongside my face.
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about that time, he did an abrupt 90-degree turn and pointed it at the guy sitting next to me. >> reporter: the drama continued as an exhaustive search was conducted. after all that, no bomb. nothing. >> all indications are, that this was a hoax. and a pretty nasty trick was played on a passenger. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, police suspect the nasty trick may have been played by shell's ex-girlfriend and a male associate, timed for shell's birthday. >> he had just broke up with his girlfriend. he was going back to texas for his birthday. >> reporter: the fbi is taking the hoax seriously. since 2008, the justice department has charged 147 people in terrorist hoaxes. >> look at the resources that were expended, and the delays to the passengers. obviously, there would be severe charges. >> reporter: as for the victim, shell, there was concern about his background. so police did a background check.
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apparently, he had outstanding warrants. so, when he arrived in dallas, he was arrested by police. george, some birthday. >> boy, sure is. thanks very much. overseas to prince harry. he learned the hard way that what happens in las vegas doesn't always stay there. but he's back to work now. we're just learning that he arrived overnight in afghanistan for a second tour of duty. and lama hasan with the latest. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, george. abc news can confirm that prince harry quietly slipped back into afghanistan overnight, to serve as a pilot with the british army in helmand province, one of the most dangerous places on earth. which may help explain why he was blowing off so much steam in vegas. he may be third in line for the british throne. but this morning, prince harry is back on the front lines of the war on terror. this newly released video shows the prince on the ground in afghanistan in a top-secret mission. he was flown there overnight. to join coalition forces fighting the taliban. he'll be co-piloting an apache helicopter. >> my goal is to serve my
7:17 am
country like everybody else in the british forces. >> reporter: this is harry's second trip to afghanistan. his first deployment in late 2007 was scheduled to last three months. but was cut short after just ten weeks, when his cover was blown. prompting fears he could become a terrorist target. at the time, he was serving as a soldier, something he had talked about with abc's bob woodruff. >> at the end of the day, you're in a war zone. and you're responsible for yourself and the guy to the left, the guy to the right. i think it really is that simple. >> reporter: what hasn't been simple for the prince the past few weeks is the glaring spotlight of the world's media. after photos were snapped of the prince partying poolside in sin city. and then, baring it all over a game of late-night billiards. but what some thought might derail the image of the much-loved royal, seems to have enhanced it. >> memories are very short. it's harry the hero, not harry the playboy prince. >> reporter: with many in great
7:18 am
britain, laughing off the scandal. just last monday, the prince got his own laughs during his first public appearance during the scandal, joking with children at a charity event. >> never shy coming forward, i'll give it a go. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, the prince's trip to vegas may have also served as an early birthday party, too. he turns 28 on september 15th. a birthday he'll be celebrating with his army buddies in afghanistan. i'm guessing it will be a quiet event. george. >> you're right about that and no cell phone cameras will be there. let's get the weather from sam. >> good morning, again, you guys. how are you? we're going to talk thunderstorms starting here. there's a pretty big push of cold air that works into the country as we get into the weekend. along that line will be powerful thunderstorms. watch out for what could be damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes. believe it or not. detroit, cincinnati, indianapolis, louisville, nashville, memphis, little rock,
7:19 am
all involved in that storm. south of that line will be heat today. dallas, 103 again. five states have heat warnings, watches or advisories out. it's just one of those things to keep an eye on. and some of the states will drop about 20 degrees with the passing of the front. 80 degrees in l.a. and san diego today. we'll explain why we're in san diego later in the show. >> all right.
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>> all right. coming up on "gma," a verdict in the drew peterson trial. the former policeman found guilty of killing his third wife. and glitz and glam from pop's biggest night. ♪ third
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good morning i'm eric thomas. police and coast guard are searching for a man accused of abducting his children in south san francisco and taking them away in a stolen sailboat. investigators say 43-year-old christopher ma few took his --
7:25 am
maffei took his daughter and son to alameda where he stole a 40 foot vessel and sailed away with them investigators believe he may be headed to monterey or mexico. sue has our traffic. update 80 westbound earlier couple of accidents at pinole valley road, as you can see by the waze free traffic app things have lightened up, that accident in the clearing stages our traffic spotters are showing moderate traffic from highway 4 to the scene at pinole valley road we'll keep following this. when we come back, meteorologist lisa argen has
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good morning. we have a few clouds in the north bay from sonoma to marin county otherwise numbers warming up in oakland now mid 50s there later today 73 in richmond, 74 san mateo and a look ahead, 90 today inland and tomorrow, slightly cooler sunday.
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♪ rihanna knows how to kick off a show. music's hottest night. mtv video music awards last night. we have all of the highlights this morning, including one direction. i hear they stole the show. >> she looks fantastic. >> she sure does. she looks great. >> i don't think she ever looks anything but fantastic. my personal opinion. >> we also have a great crowd out there in times square this morning. there they are. a friday crowd for us. a lot coming up, as we say good morning, america. robin is back in new york, getting her medical treatment. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> it's great to be here. and a story we've been following for years here on "good morning america." the murder trial of drew peterson, the former policeman in chicago. a guilty verdict, convicted of killing his third wife.
7:31 am
we're going to go inside the jury's decision and get insight from dan abrams. also, quincy jones takes the stand in a clash of megamoguls, who says death threats against creator of "girls gone wild," joe francis, are not true. we are going to go inside that courtroom showdown. and did bachelorette emily get her happily every after? they are joining us looiv to set the record straight about whether there really is trouble in paradise, or not. we'll find out. lots of magazine covers. >> put it all to rest. >> yes. first, let's get right to the drew peterson verdict. he was convicted of first-degree murder in the 2004 death of his third wife, kathleen savio. it was a unanimous verdict. and peterson could now face up to 60 years in prison. abc's alex perez is in chicago with the very latest on this case. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. peterson had been behind bars waiting 3 1/2 years for this day. he was stone-faced and staring at the jury, when the verdict was read. >> finally, someone heard
7:32 am
kathleen's cry. 12 people did the right thing. thank god. >> reporter: it's the justice kathleen savio's family never thought they would get. >> i'll never have my sister again. i still have to see her in a cemetery. at least i know she got justice wrch drew peterson's five-week murder trial centered on controversial hearsay evidence, that he had threatened savio. after hours of deliberations, 11 jurors agreed that peterson was guilty of first-degree murder. and they took five more hours to convince a holdout. >> i did not feel comfortable with joining the rest of the jury to convict. i was concerned about the hearsay evidence. >> reporter: savio and peterson were in the middle of a contentious divorce when she was found dead in 2004. the former chicago police officer was charged after her body was exhumed and her death reclassified a homicide. >> he's basically a coward. and nobody took him on. we took him on now and he lost. >> reporter: defense attorneys insist that savio's death was a tragic accident.
7:33 am
>> the whole world has been waiting for drew peterson to be convicted. >> hearsay evidence was allowed in. unprecedented amounts. >> reporter: peterson, who had a lifetime movie made about him. >> i've become a media sensation now. >> reporter: often called himself a jokester. >> what can i do to get rid of you? pizza and beer. >> reporter: had a problem when the trial began. >> he looked worried that the prosecution put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. >> reporter: peterson's fourth wife, stacy, has been missing since 2007. the family hopes this guilty verdict will lead to charges in their case. >> game over, drew. you know, he can wipe the smirk off his face. >> reporter: peterson will be sentenced in november. he is 58 years old. and again, will be facing 60 years behind bars. elizabeth? >> all right, alex. thank you so much. let's bring in "gma's" legal analyst, dan abrams. dan, this case you've been following from the very start. were you surprised by the verdict? >> not really. a lot of people talk about this case. and say it's all based on
7:34 am
hearsay evidence. that's true. a lot of it is hearsay evidence. one of the reasons we generally don't allow hearsay evidence in because it's so powerful. >> it's inflammatory. >> you're talking about witnesses coming forward and recounting conversations that drew peterson supposedly had with people. that's incredibly powerful evidence when you're talking about the notion that drew peterson allegedly confessed to stacy peterson, that kathleen savio was afraid of him. she slept with a knife under her bed. these are incredibly important and powerful statements. >> in the meantime, the prosecutors were not allowed to talk about the fact that drew peterson's fourth wife has also gone missing. many people suspect she may be the victim of foul play at his hands. >> the prosecutors clearly believe that. and hay talked about the possibility of charging him. what's interesting, they now be able to use that in the sentencing phase. in front of the jury, they weren't allowed to bring that up. but in front of the judge, when talking about what kind of sentence drew peterson should get, they sure are going to be mentioning stacy peterson in the hope that he gets the maximum, 60 years.
7:35 am
>> surely, this case has gotten so much publicity. there was a made-for-tv movie. surely the jury knew the fourth wife was missing and he was a suspect. >> no question some of the jurors knew that. made that clear during jury selection. prosecutors with not permitted to enter deuce evidence about that during the case. >> a quick aside. there was one question that puzzled a lot of people. the jury came forward after at least nine hours of deliberation to ask the judge what does unanimous mean? what does that tell you? >> it seems there may be one small divide in the jury before they came back. it may have been a question, there were two theories of first-degree murder that could be used in this case. it's possible they wanted explanation about that. quickly, after they asked that question, they came back. >> and quickly, do you think they will charge him or try to press charges in the fourth wife's disappearance? >> they may. it will largely depend what kind of sentence he gets and if he can get an appeal. >> 60 years will be a long time if he gets that. dan abrams, thank you so much. another courtroom clash now. music legend, quincy jones
7:36 am
caught in the middle of the battle between casino mogul, steve wynn, and "girls gone wild" creator joe francis. he took the stand on thursday and said one of them isn't telling the truth. >> reporter: it took music mogul quincy jones three words to answer the question that's consumed hollywood headlines for three days. >> did you ever hear steve wynn threaten to kill joe francis? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: the ailing 79-year-old was the star witness in a civil suit, pitting las vegas casino mogul, steve wynn, against joe francis, founder of "girls gone wild." francis says wynn threatened to kill him in an e-mail sent in 2010. a message he says he learned about from the legendary music producer. wynn not only denies the accusations he's suing francis for defamation.
7:37 am
an e-mail he says he learned about from the legendary music producer. jones is friends with both men. and had even tried to help settle a gambling debt francis owes wynn's casino. >> i was trying to make peace. >> reporter: but jones told jurors, francis' story was a, quote, naked lie. >> i keep hearing about e-mails. i've never seen anything. >> reporter: he drew laughs when he was asked if he ever called wynn a gangster. >> that sounds like a line from "scar face." >> reporter: jones says he's been friends with wynn for 35 years. and though he's known francis for 12 years, and they live across the street, he admitted the two have a complex relationship. >> a lot of drama. >> understood. >> i know my brother. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with kabc late thursday, francis maintained he's telling the truth. >> 100% i heard it. if quincy was trying to color his argument by saying it, you know, maybe he did. but he didn't come out and say that i was lying. >> reporter: a question jurors will most likely begin answering later today. for "good morning america," amy robach, abc news, new york.
7:38 am
and let's get the weather, now, from sam out in san diego. he has a little help this morning with the forecast. >> oh. >> hey, good morning. i'm here with -- this is ferdinand, a beluga, after a little breakfast. he's 42 year old. ferdinand's going to take a swim. we'll also see in the next half hour when i hold the herring for ferdinand. we're in seaworld this morning in san diego. we're going to talk more throughout the hour. let me show you one of the important reasons we take care of these things. look at the sea ice. this new report from the sea ice data center, says there's only half the ice that should normally be there this time of year, up in the polar icecap. and we have another week of melting season left to go. it's never been that low since they've been keeping records of the sea ice up there. that's why we got to keep our eyes on everything that needs to live there. here's what goes on with the cold front as it drops in the middle of the country. 48 in minneapolis. 48 in omaha. that's not this morning. that's tonight when the temperatures take a drop.
7:39 am
and the cold front will work down through the country and also cool off places that have been really deal >> we're going to show you ferdinand. ferdinand keeps backing up. camera-shy and we're live in san diego. george, elizabeth. >> that handful of herring is going to make your highlight reel this year. and coming up, one direction steals the show at the vmas. we have all the highlights of music's biggest night. at the vmas. we have all call it 'mother's intuition' but somehow i knew that these bright pink sperry top-siders were the right choice for my daughter. daughter + friend: *screamsá
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opening act for a blockbuster night of music. the stars were out in force at the mtv video awards. of course, there were plenty of surprises. abc's chris connelly was there. and he has all the highlights. ♪ never, ever, ever getting back together ♪ >> reporter: it is too early to name this the song of the decade? try telling that to anyone who saw taylor swift close the mtv video music awards. ♪ never, ever, ever getting back together ♪ >> reporter: thursday night, the vmas brought a happy slice of pop pre eminence. with plenty of blitz. hits, like those of youtube korean sensation, psy, to flips, from gold medal gymnast gabby douglas anything but routine, on
7:45 am
stage for alicia keys "girl on fire." to the pretty boys of one direction. ♪ you got that one thing >> reporter: and kisses from katy perry, for one of their three vma moonmen. >> we've had it for two seconds and already we broke it. so there's a good start. >> reporter: rihanna rocked it in sheer red. >> the video of the year goes to rihanna. >> reporter: and wowed in white, brushing off her video of the year challengers, as two rival ex-beaus looked on. the controversial chris brown and drake. >> i want to dedicate this to any kid that's had to walk home by yourself. >> reporter: and there was a slow, quiet song. frank ocean, "thinking about you." but from the rock of green day, to the rap of lil wayne, and the rip of host kevin hart, the vmas
7:46 am
belong to the forever young of mtv, and the fresh faces that can keep fans screaming for more. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> boy, we cannot help but talk about this guy. psy is the planet's hottest star right now. the korean pop star rocketing to almost 120 million views online with his song "gangnam style." mtv, whisking him in for a cameo last night that had the crowd cheering wildly. and just to give you an idea of how big that is, if you thought justin bieber's "boyfriend," is at 140 million views. and bieber's manager just signed psy. congratulations. >> what is that dance? >> i'll show you in the break. >> that's not the "play of the day" but it's coming up. ♪ and i'm bringing you a love that's true ♪
7:47 am
♪ so get ready ♪ so get ready ♪ gonna try to make you love me too ♪ ♪ so get ready ♪ so get ready ♪ 'cause here i come ♪ get ready 'cause here i come ♪ i'm on my way ♪ get ready 'cause here i come ♪ every day ♪ get ready
7:48 am
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day."
7:51 am
here's "the play of the day." >> all right. we were going to have a frog eating a caterpillar. but we thought, hey, why do that when we can bring back psy. it's "gangnam style." gangnam is a reference to a trendy district in seoul. come on, lara. you can do it. come on, elizabeth. >> here we go, everybody. >> i'll hold your drink. >> everybody, big up. >> come on. >> come on. no, come on. you can do it, too. >> i'll do this part. >> come on, girl. >> i'll do this part. >> come on, girl.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
vallejo police combing over the scene of a double murder identifies got a call reporting again shots last night. a 31-year-old man and 28-year-old woman were found shot to death in the home neighbors say the couple lived there and a toddler inside was not harmed. meteorologist lisa argen has our forecast. we are looking at a few clouds from live doppler in the north bay otherwise, sunny start going to be a nice weekend upper 70s on the peninsula, 82 san jose today, 65 in the city and a little cooler sunday. good news maintenance on
7:57 am
the cable car wrapped up those cars are now back in use. 880 at tennison accident in the hov lane slow through union city, 580 west at first accident slow through
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] happy friday, everyone. nice crowd out there in times square. thinking of you, robin. we all are. she's back in new york to begin her medical treatment. great to have elizabeth vargas here with us this morning. >> all thinking about robin. so glad she's home. she tweeted, i'm putting on some weight. also coming up in this half hour, "the bachelorette" couple are here. and they're setting the record straight. are emily and jef living out their happily ever after or not? is there trouble in paradise? are they really in love? what's the dish? what's the real deal? they look happy there. >> aww.
8:01 am
>> there's a lot of dance music right now out there. >> you want me to do "gangnam style"? we have done videos before here at "gma." we have our own music videos. this is a tribute to the great summer we had. i'm now going to talk into our -- this is -- hello. you are not hearing things. we are -- what's this called when you do this again? >> autotune. >> autotune. >> autotune. >> yeah. ♪ oh, micky, you're so fine you're so fine ♪ ♪ you blow my mind >> when your kid gets ahold of it, you toss it. that's what this is called. >> exactly. no kidding. >> come on. use the glitter. >> hi, girls. this is not coming home. >> you sound like a munchkin. >> well, thank you very much. >> whoa. >> welcome back from charlotte. >> i didn't mean that. let's move on to katie holmes. she is stepping out, speaking out for the first time since her high-profile divorce from tom cruise.
8:02 am
we're going to hear all about it in just a little bit. >> you're' giant in my eyes. >> josh, with the news. we're going to begin with news about the economy. the labor department said employers created 96,000 jobs, 30,000 some fewer. unplemt fell from 8.3% to 8.1%. that's because almost 400,000 people gave up searching for a job. so they're no longer counted as unemployed. the most job losses were government and manufacturing sectors. mitt romney called the job loss report the hangover after the convention proving the policies have not worked and if that's to undermine his momentum. president obama traveling to iowa and new hampshire. last night he called november's election the clearest choice in
8:03 am
the generation, claiming the past offered by the democrats is harder but will lead to a better place. to counter that. mitt romney's campaign releasing 50 new tv ads in eight states today. and health officials now say as many as 22,000 visitors to yosemite national park may have been exposed to the potentially deadly hantavirus this summer. three people have now died from the virus spread by the rodents at two campsites. symptoms, including fever and body aches, can take as long as six weeks to appear. a new study suggests that mammograms for young women who are at high risk for breast cancer may do more harm than good. researchers found that women who had history of chest radiation in their 20s, had a 43% higher risk. they say an mri is the safer choice for younger women. but mammograms are beneficial for those over the age of 50. any and all questions should be given to your doctor. meanwhile, in phoenix, a powerful dust storm delayed flights, interrupted evening commutes. look at this wall of dust.
8:04 am
some 2,500 feet high. reduced visibility to a quarter-mile. the results of a storm that earlier had flooded parts of tucson. and finally, every parent will know what we are talking about. this kid may just be the happiest child in america this morning. that's liam from omaha. he grew up with his favorite bunny. you see him there. blue monkey. three years ago on a family vacation to the rocky mountains, >> a-a never made it home. liam's mom -- yes. liam's mom never gave up looking. one day, she actually found a similar monkey on ebay. hoped it would be enough to console liam. but guess what. >> can you believe it? >> no. i can't at all. i forgot what he looks like. >> i looked at pictures of him today when you were little and it's the same guy.
8:05 am
and i looked at this and i thought, this is why we couldn't remember what brand he was. because you cut that off, didn't you? when you were little -- >> they found him on ebay. >> he had to florida in the hands of a woman who actually sews lost toys. >> oh, my gosh. >> never, ever, ever give up. >> that is very cool. >> that's one of the most touching stories. >> it's the -- if froggy ever goes missing, sarina's never going to forgive me. now, maybe froggy can come home. i'm serious. >> i love that. >> thank you for that. it's time for "pop news." >> i love you, liam. i love you. i love you ah-ah. let me try. good morning, everybody. welcome to "pop news." the "twilight" cast, front and center at the vmas last night, all but kristen stewart. who was posing for pictures on a different red carpet. at the toronto film festival.
8:06 am
this is her first public appearance since the very public split with robert pattinson. stewart, getting rave reviews for that dress she wore. she was signing autographs. she even jumped out of the press line to greet fans behind the barricades. really effusive in her pleasure that people were accepting her and applauding for her. when asked how she's doing, she responded with simple, i'm doing fine. that's the latest on those two. and it's a big night in the fight against cancer. the third stand up to cancer telethon will be broadcast on every network. and will feature a countless a-list of celebrities, pitching in to raise money to find a cure. tom hanks is one of them. and he told us why he's involved. >> there's not a soul on the planet that hasn't been touched by cancer in some way. great people. fabulous people. people i love, have either struggled with it or been taken by it.
8:07 am
>> unfortunately, he is so right. and some of the other big names participating include julia roberts, matt damon, gwyneth paltrow, coldplay, surprise there. and taylor swift will perform a heart-wrenching song she has written for the event. everybody, please tune in. help out if you can. stand up to cancer. tonight, 8:00 p.m., 7:00 central, here on abc and everywhere. also, victoria beckham will unveil her new collection at lincoln center at fashion week, happening right now. she's been having fun with her run-up. giving her twitter followers a sneak peek behind the scene. she's tweeted pictures of things like that, that's her little girl's bunny. this is her invite to the show that most of us will never see. hers is considered to be the hardest show to get into during fashion week this year. she also sent out a shot of a dress mannequin covered in plastic and a clothing rack. but the clothes remain under wraps and top-secret until sunday. finally, everybody, the models may not have any. but we do love our ice cream.
8:08 am
a new creation by baskin-robbins that's earned the delicious nickname ice cream nachos. the official name is waffle chip dipper. it's made of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, m&ms, snickers pieces, and waffle and brownie chips, just for dipping. and to these, we say double-dipping is a-okay. >> this is good. >> it is good. sam, we're going to leave these for later. >> sam? >> wait a minute. what are you eating, george? what was that? herring? >> we have ice cream. sam, you have herring. >> all i've got is herring. this is ferdinand. this is eric, too, by the way, who works with ferdinand and ferdinand's pals here at wild arctic. let me ask you about belugas. they are all protected. and some are endangered, right? >> yes, their are population's
8:09 am
endangered due to the population decline over the last few years. >> okay. about 13 feet long, 42 years old. fernand eats about 50 pounds a day. >> right. >> i feel similar to ferdinand, by the way. i feel very similar. so, it's -- the point is that we're all connected in some way. little herring in the morning for me. little herring for you. let's get to the boards and show you what's going on this morning. one or two things we want you to know as you step outside your door. there's a little touch of autumn and cooler temperatures working through the country. chicago, look for the numbers after the warmth today. dallas, as well, at 103 today, to be dropping down a little bit. in some cases, look at dallas, dropping at least 20 degrees with that cool pocket of air. then, we have this rainmaker that sits right in the gulf. that will put heavy rain in north florida, south georgia, as well. it will curve up the coastline a little bit. we're live in san diego, at the wild arctic. little air coming out of the top of ferdinand.
8:10 am
>> open wide. open wide. coming up in the next half hour, we're going to talk about the return of "sea rescue." that saturday morning abc show that i love so much. lara, we're going to talk about it next half hour. season two, coming up. >> sam, i'm sorry to laugh. but the beluga's listening. he's been standing behind you waiting for some herring. give it to him, please. meanwhile, we're going to give you a look at the "gma morning menu." "the bachelorette" couple, live with us. emily and jef, here to set the record straight. are they in love? are there problems? we'll talk about that all. and katie holmes, speaking
8:11 am
out for the first time since her split with tom cruise. also, how to glam up your ipad. how to get the hottest, new accessories for a whole lot less. all that and -- i'm seeing so much more, coming up on "gma."
8:12 am
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8:16 am
[ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] what i want to ask you, will you marry me? >> back, now, with emily maynard and fiance, jef holm. it's been just over a month since their engagement on "the bachelorette." there are reports of trouble in paradise. we're going to talk to emily and jef, live right now. in just a moment, actually. first, we want to give you the latest on their love story. it seemingly was the summer of pure bliss. the two were spotted together everywhere. taking a trip to africa. even showing some love on "gma." >> i feel so comfortable around him. it's different than any relationship i've ever been in. so, hopefully, the outcome will be different, too. >> reporter: but it hasn't been without the inevitable reality tv scandal. first reports that their fairy tale might be crumbling.
8:17 am
then, magazine headlines boldly declaring infidelity and tears. the couple vehemently denies those claims. and this morning, they're here to set the record straight. they are, indeed. we're happy to have emily and jef with us this morning. this is your first television appearance to set things straight. let's get right to it. i think every couple that goes on one of these shows is subject to a lot of scrutiny. you guys, now, it appears, are no different. there's reports in magazines of jef finding racy pictures and text messages and throwing people out of houses. how do you respond to all of it? >> it's crazy. it's just rumors. and it's just tabloids and stuff, written about us. it's not true. emily and i are so happy. yeah. we're great. we're in love. and we're happy. >> your brother reportedly was the source for some of these stories. >> yeah. >> he told one magazine that, quote, all of it is 100% true.
8:18 am
>> yeah. >> why would he do that? >> you know, i don't know why he would do that. i don't know why. you know, sometimes in our situation, i think people do -- it brings out the worst in people. and i don't even know if he really knows why. but i love my family. i love my brother. and it's -- i support him. and i know he supports us as a couple. and it makes people do crazy things sometimes. >> emily, when this story broke, what was your reaction? >> i was shocked because i was thinking, like, why would anybody do that? why would somebody make that up? you know, it broke my heart for jef more than anything. i can get through whatever anybody says about me. but the fact that it was, you know, family. that broke my heart for him. but we're better than ever. it doesn't faze me one bit. >> to set the record, are you together? are you still engaged? >> yeah. jef just moved to charlotte. >> we are engaged. i just moved to charlotte a few days ago.
8:19 am
>> in the midst of this, the rumors and the headlines, you're doing a big move with a 7-year-old girl. how has it been adjusting to the scrutiny of being in the magazine? how is that for both of you? >> i mean, i just try to ignore it. and he's such a great help for me. you know, helping me laugh about it. now, it's my turn to help him laugh about it. you know, just take it all in stride. and know that next week -- nobody's going to care about the couple from "the bachelorette." >> how are the wedding plans coming? >> my first -- the first on my checklist is getting him to charlotte. now, we can start the fun part. you know? >> you have any ideas how you want it to be? fairy princess? dreamy? >> i want to be superchill. good music, good food. lots of family. >> it's going to be fun. >> i just want him there. it will be great. >> one of the things you did this summer was take a trip to ghana. tell us a little bit about that. >> i got a chance to take emily to ghana.
8:20 am
with my company, people water. for every bottle purchased we donate an equal amount of clean water to people in need. she got to come and see what i do. and it was a blast. we'd show up to the villages and turn on the wells with them and celebrate with them because they now have clean water to drink. it was awesome. it was fun to take her and have her there. she had a blast, i think. >> it's really important. >> yeah. >> remind us of what's important and what's not. >> real quick. are you and your brother okay? are you speaking? >> yeah. we're good. >> there you have it, everybody. emily and jef, in love. getting married. you heard it here first on "good morning america." we're so glad. >> thank you. >> you deserve it. you know, the third time is the charm. >> yay. >> thank you so much, lara. and katie holmes just spoke out for the first time since her high-profile divorce from tom cruise.
8:21 am
and if she thought she was rattled by all of those allegations swirling around, she doesn't seem to be. she is proving to be a triple-threat of her own. actress, model and brand-new fashion designer. abc's linsey davis has the latest. >> reporter: she's newly single, back in the spotlight and trying on a new role for size. katie holmes made her first official public appearance since her tabloid headline split from tom cruise at the ninth annual style awards. >> what an amazing night this has been. >> reporter: a fitting venue, for the actress-turned-fashion designer. >> i am honored to be here to witness it all. >> reporter: the 33-year-old who is one-half of the holmes & yang clothing line, is now taking on cosmetics. in an exclusive interview with "women's wear daily" this week, holmes opens up about her latest venture. collaborating on a line of beauty products. holmes is lending her name to the collection of cosmetics and
8:22 am
her face to a new ad campaign for bobby brown cosmetics. a brand that traditionally has not put a face on their product. >> it was apparently love at first sight. >> reporter: holmes has simultaneously taken on the world of retail. in the article, she describes her reaction to buyers who rejected some of the pieces in her collection. that was new, she said. but i think that's kind of a life thing. what? you don't want all of me? that rejection certainly isn't stopping holmes and her stylist-turned-business partner, from debuting their fall line on saturday, during new york's famed fashion week. >> she describes it as classic but with a tiny bit of a rock 'n' roll edge. >> reporter: holmes says the clothes are for real women that want to look pretty and have it be easy. holmes admits things haven't been easy for her. but she tries to keep things in perspective. >> as she correctly pointed out, there's a lot of people who have a lot worse problems in the world. i think she's always been an amazing, multifacetted woman. i don't think the public has seen all of the facets that are
8:23 am
katie. >> reporter: as far as where suri will be going to school, all holmes would say is they're finding out in due time. you can catch all of the style awards on the style network next friday. don't think she's giving up acting. she will be on broadway in november. a new movie next year. she's keeping busy. >> we'll have a lot more tonight on "20/20," including confirmation for the first time from tom cruise's publicist, that he and that actress that they were allegedly auditioning, did date briefly. eight years ago. >> looking forward to that. now, our monthly mashup. what a summer here at "gma." and d.j. steve porter autotuned all of the highlights. he has a special tribute to our friend, robin. take a look. >> please name this tv theme song. ♪ ♪ tell me why ain't nothing but a heartache ♪ ♪ tell me why nothing but a mistake ♪
8:24 am
♪ tell me why i never want to hear you say ♪ ♪ i want it that way >> can i get a ready? >> ready. >> are you ready? >> ready. >> there we go. >> are you ready? >> oh. >> are you ready? >> let's do it. >> let's go. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> "gma." >> going to make you dance. make you dance. >> "gma." >> "the play of the day." >> why not? >> why not? >> thanks a lot. >> thanks a lot. >> going to facebook. ♪ move on up move on up ♪ >> this is like a nightclub. >> well done. ♪ turn around i'm talking ♪ tell me why ain't nothing but a heartache ♪ ♪ tell my why ain't nothing but a mistake ♪ ♪ tell me why i never want to hear you say ♪ >> come on, robin. ♪ i want it that way
8:25 am
>> olympic champs. >> the gold medal. >> and there they are. >> superstars. >> try outs. >> let's go. >> sam, sam, sam, sam. >> 3 million people. >> come on. >> it's the best of morning. >> oh. >> george, sam, lara, josh, my "gma" family, my family at home, i love you. and i'll see you soon. ♪ >> five. >> four. >> three. >> two. >> one. >> this is crazy. ♪ tell me why we finally got a piece of the pie ♪ ♪ i want it that way >> we're going to be there for you.
8:26 am
>> wearing our bracelets of support. >> robin, we are all thinking of you. >> we love you, robin. >> that's what i love about "good morning america." >> what a time. >> that's so sweet. >> robin is back. she's going to begin her treatment. she's going to come back stronger than ever, in just a little bit. i'm sorry to miss the backstreet boys. >> yeah. it was great. it was great. we had a chance to see robin down in mississippi. she's back. and better than ever. coming up, mario batali, cooking some late summer favorites.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. police and the coast guard are searching for a man choose abducting his children and taking them away in a stolen sailboat. investigators say 43-year-old christopher maffei took the children tuesday he shares custody. he took the children to alameda where he stole a 40 foot vessel and sailed away with them. investigators believe he may be headed to monterey or mexico. a lot of slow traffic this friday morning we are were hoping for friday light slow into the mcare newer maze backed up at the bay bridge -- macarthur maze, backed up to the bay bridge toll. stopped westbound and
8:28 am
eastbound, westbound particularly to foster city. i'm seeing sunshine we'll talk to meteorologist lisa argen about that
8:29 am
good morning. sunny the city coit tower in the temperatures in the 50s, clouds in marin and sonoma will be clearing quickly and we are going to see high pressure building today and for the weekend.
8:30 am
drier air aloft temperatures warm quickly today 82 in [ cheers and applause ] friendly crowd out here in times square. a lot of team robin members. robin begins her treatment here in new york. elizabeth vargas here with us. >> it's great to be here. we can't wait for this. mario batali is cooking for us. he's making his mom's gaspacho. we have a lot of star power next week. >> jennifer hudson, jessica simpson, oprah, lady gaga, all here on "good morning america." we've had a great time on "good afternoon america" during our summer run. now, it's a big finale.
8:31 am
we're handing it off to katie couric, who will be joining us today on the show. >> also, we have olympic gold medalist, ryan lochte. >> will you be able to keep up with the energy? >> i think lara's got that co r covered. i really do. >> how are you celebrating the end of "good morning america"? >> you have to tune in to find out. >> a huge to-do. >> 2:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. central. i want to second that, lara. it's been a phenomenal run, partner. >> congratulations, guys. >> you'll really appreciate this next throw. as you know, i'm -- i may talk sometimes about the book, "fifty shades of grey." >> really? just a little. >> now, i feel validated because there's many, many celebrities out there who also, with a wink and a nod, are in on the joke. and picking up their own copies.
8:32 am
apparently now doing dramatic readings. >> i thought you were joking. >> who will play the couple when the story hits the big screen? we tried to narrow it down for you. take a look. ellen, charlize, zach, they're all going gray. some stars may try to keep it a secret. but many are proud and out loud about reading "fifty shades of grey." >> i know the book really well, actually. >> reporter: it seems to be the latest trend. >> my inner goddess. >> reporter: comedians, celebrities, even sports stars doing dramatic readings of the book. ellen degeneres was a bit shy. >> and on the other hand -- i'm not going to say that. >> reporter: and recently, got down and dirty with the cast of "snow white & the huntsman." >> i push him on the bed. >> my inner goddess roars? >> reporter: zach galifianakis
8:33 am
and will ferrell, stars of "the campaign," seemed confused when they were asked to narrate. >> turn around. >> reporter: as for major league baseball's washington nationals? >> we love it. >> are you smirking at me, mr. grey? >> i am, miss steele. >> reporter: with so many stars doing dramatic readings, hollywood is now buzzing about who will play the couple when it hits theaters. rumors are flying faster than the silver tie. this week, it was ryan gosling would play mr. grey. all are rumors at the moment. yes, shouty capitals. but not to worry. auditions already seem to be under way. >> i'm going to add some sound effects, if that's okay. >> we still have elizabeth vargas to thank or to blame for this whole thing. you brought us the book. >> i did.
8:34 am
i interviewed e.l. she has say on which actors and actresses play in the movie. i won't tell you. >> what does it rhyme with? >> oh, stop. >> ryan rosting. >> thanks, guys. we'll chat later. it's back-to-school time. and so many are taking their ipads with them. how do you make your ipad look smart and stylish at the same time? high-end designers are making bags and cases and clutches. here to tell us if you should splurge or save is lori bergamotto. everybody has an ipad these days. you can get fancy and beautiful covers. this is a beautiful splurge. >> this is a splurge. it's from jimmy choo. you'll see everything here, ipad accessories are more of a fashion accessory and less than a tech accessory.
8:35 am
this is gorgeous. it's made in italy. glitter is trendy. but perhaps you don't have the funds to spend. and voila -- >> this is really nice. >> how much do you think this cost? >> i'm guessing $75. >> even less. at $42.99, you can get the sequence. that's from mod tops. you're still going with the trend, but for less money. >> now, we have the shoulder bag that holds an ipad case in it. >> this is from diane von furstenberg. let me show you. this is where the ipad goes. >> that's great. >> back here. you can see how neat that is. this is a hit on the runway. we have our digital edition up there. but at $700 it can be pricey. you're paying for that real leather, that designer detail. so, we have a lesser expensive
8:36 am
alternative. this is available at and how much do you think it cost? >> if this was $700? $100? >> $53.21. >> a better budget range. >> it's synthetic leather. but you have to pick what's important to you. we have these that are really trendy right now. >> this is a sleeve. >> it slips right in. we love this. this is from prada. and don't you love the heart prints? very feminine. very cute. >> it's actually really soft. >> it's $310. is that what you're willing to spend? if not, we also have -- now, this is from kate spade. it's another feminine, really whimsical print. guess how much. >> oh, gosh. >> $50? >> nice job. this is neoprene. >> i like this one better than
8:37 am
the more expensive one. >> i love both. no offense. but perhaps, you know, you want something that's a little more understated. but yet, elegant. >> this is a clutch? >> this is a clutch. this is from coach. $178. if you're looking for something that you can tote to work but you don't have almost $200 to spend? the. >> just the ipad go in here? >> everything can go in here. documents, billfold. maybe you want to spend less money. we're a little stuck here. this one, you can get for -- ready, elizabeth? i won't stump you this time. $66. this is really understated, elegant. and this doubles as a portfolio. this is our lucky bag buy. and still, it's attractive. it's more about a fashion accessory and less about tech accessory. >> are these big right now? >> huge. the biggest trend we're seeing. you have tons of options no matter what your budget.
8:38 am
>> lori, thank you so much. we can get more details at "lucky" magazine. and also, on yahoo!. and you can get more information on the accessories. let's go out to sam with his favorite whale. he has his mouth open, eating the herring. oh, no. what is this? >> we changed. this is peanut the beaver. we're standing in a mockup bay station here at wild arctic in san diego. we're launching season two of "sea rescue." all are still getting into trouble and seaworld's the team to do it. but you may see new stories, coming up with other places, or other folks, make maybe peanut here. today on "sea rescue." season two, we have new exciting dramas from the deep. dolphin strandings, wayward
8:39 am
wails, and a sea lion with a shocking injury. just some of the incredible stories from the seaworld rescue team. for the last four decades, this elite marine unit has saved over 20,000 animals. like valentine. this adorable see lion washed ashore. it's not a natural illness, but a bullet, lodged in her shoulder. >> this to me is an act of cruelty. >> reporter: it's a delicate surgery to remove the bullet. but that's what this team does best. and valentine recuperates at seaworld san diego, until it's time to go home. this sea rescue is a success. as valentine scrambles into the waters of the pacific, popping her head up one last time, maybe to say good-bye to the people who saved her life. one of the heartwarming stories of survival on season two of "sea rescue." >> we're back. so, there's an entire season two. they doubled the episodes as season one. jodi, you know her from "sea
8:40 am
rescue." she's one of the tough team member there's. this is a lot of dedication. a story like peanut's, by the way, whose family was attacked by bears. and is actually doing really well right now. >> it does take a lot of dedication. and i mean it when i say, the people that i work with, the team, they are my heroes. peanut's family was actually -- she's the only survivor of a pear attack. these animals don't understand weekends or holidays or kids' birthdays. and the dedication of our seaworld team to the animals, it makes me proud. >> i'm proud to tell the stories that you work so hard to get accomplished here. let's get to the boards. thank you, jody. thanks, everybody, for the team. there's 30 people around us just trying to get this done today. that's dedication, too, early in the morning. here's what happens as we watch the cold front work across the country. stay up with your abc stations. this will have wind, large hail and possibly tornadoes, as we're
8:41 am
shifting that air pattern. that very humid, hot air pattern in the middle of the country, into fall-like air for the weekend. there's a look at your weekend >> and, elizabeth, from whales to peanut the beaver, it's all on "sea rescue," starting saturdays. >> i can't wait to see it. coming up, director james cameron on "titanic's" big makeovús
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "good morning america." when the movie "titanic" was first released 15 years ago, who could have foreseen it would win 11 oscars and blow away every box office record in sight. three days from now, the film version will be released on dvd. we had nick watt sit down with the film's director, james cameron, who made history with the epic. >> reporter: cameron has dived that wreck 33 times. also on the new dvd, cameron's
8:45 am
nat geo documentary. >> the fun of it was to see how right we were. i think what we found out was, we were pretty darn close. >> reporter: there was nothing where you thought -- >> going to reshoot the film? no. >> reporter: another extra release, nearly a whole hour of deleted scenes, for those who have seen the main feature, i don't know, 100 times. i wonder how many people think rose was on the ship. >> well, we tried to make it historically accurate for a fictional film. for our culture, the movie may have more power than ten books written that are extremely accurate. >> reporter: "titanic" was the highest grossing movie of all-time. $2 billion-plus, until cameron's own "avatar," this one shot in 3d. he's revisiting that franchise. how many "avatars" are you going to do? two or three? >> how long am i going to live? i'll do as many as i can. right now, we're planning two. and we're shooting them together
8:46 am
as a conjoined big megaproduction. >> reporter: the part time director, part time ocean explorer, won't be returning to the mare yanes trench, the deepest point on earth, anytime soon. they aren't going to let you go back to the trench? >> it hasn't been said out loud. but if i were to go do a trench expedition right now, they might blow a head gasket. >> reporter: "titanic" was a project, on paper, no one thought would work. >> a guy and a girl talking. in any other context would be a complete snore. and two hours is when the credits are rolling in most movies. that's when you're hitting the iceberg on "titanic." but somehow, that souffle does rise, it does work. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, nick. straight ahead, the king of the culinary world. mario batali.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
very excited about having our friend, mario batali, here, from "the chew." he has tasty dishes. the garlic is not to be believed. >> you smell like a field of lilies. don't worry about a thing. >> i want to ask you about a special event coming up. >> at the new york botanical garden. all summer long, we start by planting. we bring children out. each restaurant has their own plot where we celebrate something we love to cook. and throughout the rest of harvest, in august and
8:50 am
september, we bring chefs down and they make food. and they demonstrate what's going on in the world of gardening. >> with all of these colors, what are you making? >> at the end of summer, you have the harvest. the harvest is coming more quickly. there's tomatoes you would use for salad. but there's the droopy tomatoes that are almost a little overdone. we like to make those into gazpacho. >> this is your mom's recipe. >> this is my mom's recipe. i went to high school. i lived in spain. we have garlic, onions, cucumbers, peppers. keep in mind, you can move this around. i love that. >> sorry about that. >> and we're going to take a little tomato juice. hold on with the oil. we're going to put a little cayenne. a little salt. >> do you measure it out? or do you eye ball it? >> you can measure it out. but you don't have to. hold on. and you're going to go right and --
8:51 am
oh. >> why do you wait for the oil? >> the oil will almost emulsify. >> thanks to lara, green pepper infused oil. >> it is so delicious. if you have different things in your garden, don't worry about it. as long as there's tomato and garl garlic, you can make it anyway. you can also make a gazpacho-like soup made out of garlic and almond and water. >> we have our liquid now. >> we have our liquid. all of the other ingredients, we chop like this. if you go to madrid, they bring you gazpacho like this. and the condiments, like you would have them. >> that's lovely. >> and you serve them up. >> it's beautiful. >> and you let go with a little crouton. >> exactly. >> and a little color. >> around there. >> what could be easier?
8:52 am
>> i will. >> go for it. >> with the richness of garden, and continuing the tomatoes, the tomatoes that weren't so droopy. these are the full ones. mozzarella, tomato, base basil. you can chop it easily. make it in ten minutes. what would be better than looking at your garden? the days to ga over. >> you can see every day on "the chew," airing weekdays at 1:00 eastern, 12:00 pacific and central. go to to get the recipes. and we'll be back. thank you, mario.
8:53 am
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